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Enhance your Corporate Catering with Goose Box

Roll up your sleeves and loosen your ties, corporate catering has never been this delicious! At Goose Box, we’re all about transforming routine corporate meals into gastronomic adventures. Tired of the same old sandwiches? Our expert Events team collaborates closely with you to create breakfast, lunch, or dinner experiences that will have your team eagerly checking the clock for meal times.

Corporate Catering with Goose Box

From boardroom buffets to lavish launch parties - we've got you covered! Our menus, inspired by the bounty of British produce and the Nordic culinary ethos, offer a feast for both your taste buds and your eyes. Vegan, vegetarian, or meat-lover, we have something for everyone. You may need to hold a team meeting to decide between our Mini Brioche Rolls or Rare roasted beef with horseradish remoulade.

But don't worry, there's plenty to go around! So, next time you're planning a corporate event, remember - Goose Box is here to take your catering experience from mundane to marvelous!

Corporate Catering - No More Boring Sandwiches

Say goodbye to yawn-inducing sandwiches and uninspired salads. Goose Box is turning the tables on traditional corporate catering. We're not just talking about swapping out your turkey and Swiss for ham and cheddar; we're talking about a culinary revolution. Imagine walking into your next meeting to be greeted by an array of Mini Brioche Rolls, or diving into a plate of Rare Roasted Beef with Horseradish Remoulade at your company's next launch party.

Our diverse menus cater to every palate, dietary requirement, and foodie fantasy. We've taken inspiration from the lush fields of Britain and the hearty, homey vibes of Nordic cuisine, creating meals that are a pleasure to look at and a delight to eat. It's time to shake up the corporate food scene, one box at a time. With Goose Box, it's not just catering. It's a gastronomic adventure.

Goose Box Events - Your Event Coordinators 

Not only do we offer mouth-watering food, but we also provide top-notch event coordination. Our Events team at Goose Box is a dab hand at managing the A-Z of corporate catering - we're like the fairy godmothers of the corporate food world! Need a last-minute menu change? We're on it. Want a themed event? We live for that! From setting up an impromptu breakfast meeting for ten to orchestrating a gala dinner for a thousand, we've got the experience, creativity, and organizational skills to pull it off with aplomb.

And we do it all with a smile and a dollop of fun because that's just how we roll. With Goose Box Events, you're not just getting a caterer; you're getting a partner who's dedicated to making your event a delicious success.

Corporate Catering with Goose Box

So sit back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting. We promise, your catering experience will be as smooth as our velvety Chocolate Mousse!

Embracing Local, Sustainable Produce

At Goose Box, we take pride in our commitment to locally sourced, sustainable produce. We believe in a 'Farm to Fork' approach, ensuring that our meals are not only delicious but also kind to the planet. We've built strong partnerships with local British farmers, promoting economic growth within our community and simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint. By sourcing locally, we're able to offer the freshest ingredients to our clients.

From field-fresh veggies for our salads to sustainably sourced meats for our deli rolls, every item on our menus echoes this ethos. And it's not just about being green; it's about flavor too! You have not really tasted a carrot until you've tried one that was pulled from the soil that very morning. This is the Goose Box difference - food that feels good and does good.

So next time you tuck into one of our sumptuous meals, remember: you're not just feeding your stomach, you're nourishing your soul, and doing your bit for the environment. Now, isn't that food for thought?

The Nordic Influence - A Culinary Journey to the Northern Hemisphere

From the fjords of Norway to the plains of Denmark, the enchanting Nordic region has a profound influence on our diverse menu at Goose Box. Whether it's the earthy flavors of Swedish mushrooms or the robust tastes of Icelandic fish, we incorporate a dash of Nordic magic into every dish we serve. Get ready to embark on a culinary voyage that celebrates seasonal variations, ensuring our offerings are always fresh, unique, and full of character. And it's not just about the food, but the ethos as well.

The Nordic concept of 'hygge' - a sense of cozy contentment and peace - is woven into our dining experiences. So, whether you're savoring our succulent Nordic Salmon or nibbling on our Danish Cheese Platter, remember, you're not just tasting a meal; you're exploring a rich culinary culture. With Goose Box, your corporate catering experience is not just about feeding your body, it's about feeding your soul. Come, take a bite out of the North with us, and let's redefine corporate catering, one Nordic-inspired meal at a time!

Cooking In Your Workplace - Bring the Magic to Your Doorstep

Get ready to turn the heat up and let the delightful aromas of freshly prepared meals waft through your workplace. Our onsite cooking service is no less than a mobile culinary spectacle. Equipped with everything necessary to whip up hot or cold meals directly in your workplace, our team of expert chefs brings the Goose Box experience right where you are.

Corporate Catering with Goose Box

Whether it's a quick lunch for a handful of employees or a full-fledged dinner for the whole office, we've got the skills, the flair, and the fresh ingredients to make it happen. But it's not just about the food; it's about bringing people together. After all, nothing fosters camaraderie and conversation like a shared meal. So, next time you're planning your office meal, why not let us set up shop right in your office kitchen? With Goose Box, we're not just delivering food - we're delivering an experience. And trust us, it's going to be absolutely scrummy!

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