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Outside Event Catering In London A Goose Box

At Goose Box Catering, we understand the art of outside catering in London like no other. Feeding over 1000 city professionals daily, our dedicated team takes pride in preparing and delivering high-quality, nutritious meals directly to you. Whether selecting from our hot or cold breakfast options, enjoying a delicious lunch, or indulging in a satisfying dinner, we offer a vast range of dishes including sandwiches, healthy salads, top-quality fish and meats, and more, all tailored to meet your event's unique needs.

Outside Event Catering In London

Additionally, our vegan menus ensure everyone's preferences are catered to. From boardroom-style breakfasts and lunches to elegant dinners and vibrant canapés & drinks receptions, our expertise allows us to adapt seamlessly to your requirements, using either your kitchen facilities or ours. Trust us to bring exceptional catering to your next event, making it memorable for all the right reasons.

A Comprehensive Guide to Planning Your Event with Outside Catering in London

With two celebrated restaurants, Ekte Nordic Kitchen in the Bloomberg Arcade and the City institution 1 Lombard Street since 1998, we've embraced our expertise to feed you at your places of work. The demand from local businesses has grown, leading us to cater to over 1000 City professionals daily. We either prepare meals in our kitchens and deliver them to you or utilize your kitchen/canteen facilities to serve your team directly.

Our menu ranges from hot or cold breakfast, lunch, and early dinner options including everything from sandwiches and healthy salads to the finest fish and meat dishes. We also ensure a variety of vegan options are always available. Accordingly, whether we're delivering to you or serving onsite, we're committed to providing top-notch meals that cater to every preference.

Exploring the Menu: What Makes Goose Box Stand Out

Exploring the menu at Goose Box reveals why our outside catering in London stands out, offering an exquisite blend of flavors and culinary expertise. Our menu boasts a diverse range of dishes, catering to various dietary preferences without sacrificing taste or quality. For breakfast options, our mini brioche rolls with smoked salmon & cream cheese and egg mayo & mustard cress provide a delightful start to the day. The rye bread selections, including egg & mayonnaise and avocado variants, showcase our commitment to offering both vegetarian and vegan choices.

Our lunch and dinner menus further underscore this dedication. From the meat section, the rare roasted beef with horseradish remoulade & crispy shallots to vegetarian and vegan options like heritage tomatoes with hazelnut & roast aubergine mayonnaise, we ensure every dish is prepared with the utmost care. For those preferring a lighter bite, our selection of wraps and baguettes, including roast chicken & tarragon mayo and beef & horseradish mayonnaise, are perfect for standing receptions. Lastly, our bowl food and seated menu options exhibit the versatility and adaptability of our catering services, making Goose Box the ideal choice for outside catering in London.

Outside Event Catering In London

How to Accommodate Special Dietary Needs with Outside Catering in London

Accommodating special dietary needs is a top priority at Goose Box Catering. In London, the diversity of diets and food preferences is vast. Hence, our menu is thoughtfully curated to ensure everyone's choices are respected. For those seeking vegetarian options, our mini brioche rolls with egg mayo & mustard cress or the avocado on rye bread offer a delightful and satisfying start to the day. Vegan guests can enjoy our peanut butter & banana on rye or a refreshing bowl of fruit salad.

Our smoked salmon & cream cheese or the rare roasted beef with horseradish remoulade cater to those preferring a classic choice. To ensure all dietary requirements are met seamlessly, we encourage early communication about your guests' needs. This way, we can provide a tailored experience that leaves everyone delighted. At Goose Box Catering, we believe in inclusive dining that celebrates variety without compromising on flavor and quality.

Success Stories: Unforgettable Events Catered by Goose Box in London

From corporate breakfasts to vibrant canapés receptions, our team at Goose Box Catering has had the privilege of transforming numerous London events into memorable experiences. Clients, like Amy, commend our efforts, noting the perfection in our breakfast and canapés selection and highlighting the exceptional work ethic of our team. Her appreciation for our team's dedication during a week of bustling events reflects our commitment to excellence.

Similarly, Daniela's acknowledgment of our role in making her party a success reinforces our position as a trusted catering partner. Our guests always leave with positive impressions, affirming our prowess in catering to diverse tastes and preferences. At Goose Box, we don't just serve food; we ensure every plate contributes to the success of your event. Thank you, Amy and Daniela, for choosing us and recognizing our dedication. Our goal is to continually exceed expectations, one event at a time.

Tips for Working Effectively with Your Outside Catering Team in London

Working effectively with your outside catering team ensures that your event in London runs smoothly. First, clear communication is crucial. Make sure we understand your exact requirements from the beginning. This includes the number of guests, dietary preferences, and the style of service you envisage. Secondly, plan. We recommend organizing a tasting session. This allows you to sample menu options and make informed decisions.

Outside Event Catering In London

Furthermore, trust our expertise. We have years of experience catering to a diverse and demanding clientele across London. Our team can offer valuable advice on menu selection and logistical planning to enhance your event. Always provide feedback. After the event, share your thoughts with us. This helps us maintain high standards and improve our services. Finally, collaborate closely. Regular check-ins with our team leading up to your event can ensure all details are perfect. By following these tips, you can expect a seamless catering experience with Goose Box.

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