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Elevate Your Small Party with Creative Catering With Goose Box

Here at Goose Box, we believe that even the smallest party deserves big moments of joy, which is why we've tailored our catering to elevate your gatherings with an exquisite touch. Introducing our CANAPES & SNITTER options - perfect for standing receptions, these bite-sized delights are designed to impress your guests without the need for extensive dining setups.

We focus on creating memorable culinary experiences that blend seamlessly into your event, ensuring each small bite packs a big flavor punch. With our commitment to quality and creativity, we're here to transform your small party catering into an unforgettable feast.

Decoding the Menu: A Guide to Our Fish / Seafood Delights

In our small party catering menu, we take pride in offering a sophisticated selection of fish and seafood options. First up, our smoked salmon & dill on rye bread is a classic choice that perfectly marries the smokiness of the salmon with the freshness of the dill, creating a harmonious bite every time.

Meanwhile, our Skagen, a Nordic prawn cocktail, offers a delightful twist on traditional seafood starters, promising a creamy, indulgent taste that's sure to impress your guests. We've carefully curated these dishes to ensure they not only excite the palate but also add an elegant touch to your gatherings, making every small party an occasion to remember.

Meat Options that Make a Mark: From Rare Roast Beef to Mini Chorizo

In our quest to make small party catering remarkable, we've crafted a selection of meat options that truly stand out. From our rare roast beef paired with horseradish remoulade and crispy shallots on rye bread to the succulent Frikadeller, served with stirred lingonberry and pickle cucumber, we've ensured variety and quality. Furthermore, our chicken with tarragon mayonnaise and spring onion on rye bread brings a fresh flavor to the table.

Also, the ham hock terrine accompanied by piccalilli, along with our mini chorizo with red onion and sweet sherry, offers guests an unforgettable taste experience. Not forgetting, our melon, Parma ham, and mint skewer provide a delightful contrast of flavors. We're passionate about delivering excellence in every bite, making your small party catering something to remember.

Small Party Catering

Vegetarian / Vegan Choices: Delightfully Diverse

At Goose Box, we're proud to offer a delightfully diverse range of vegetarian and vegan options for your small-party catering needs. Our Danish blue cheese, pear, and candied walnut concoction is a standout choice for vegetarians, melding rich flavors with a touch of sweetness. Meanwhile, for our vegan guests, the heritage tomatoes paired with hazelnut and roast aubergine mayonnaise create a refreshing and savory delight.

The mini Västerbotten pie, a cherished cheese pie, promises a creamy and satisfying bite. Additionally, our mini mozzarella, cherry tomato, and basil skewer bring a classic, yet always appreciated, taste to the table. We've put thought and care into every option, ensuring that every guest, regardless of dietary preference, experiences the joy and excellence of our catering.

Featuring the Best of British Produce in Our Small Party Catering

At Goose Box, we're deeply committed to showcasing the best of British produce in our small party catering menus. By sourcing sustainable and locally grown ingredients, we ensure each dish reflects the rich diversity of the UK's patches and coastlines.

Our Nordic-inspired menu is a testament to our dedication to quality and sustainability, celebrating the seasonal bounty the British Isles have to offer. We believe in the power of good food to unite people, using the best British produce to create unforgettable culinary experiences.

Top Tips for Hosting a Memorable Small Party with Goose Box (Small Party Catering)

Firstly, we recommend selecting from our canapes and snitter options to effortlessly impress your guests. Furthermore, our diverse menu caters to all tastes, including fish, meat, and vegetarian options, ensuring everyone is delighted. Integrating our Bowl Food & Salads introduces a healthier twist, aligning with the preferences of more health-conscious guests.

Small Party Catering

We pride ourselves on using the finest British produce, adding an exquisite local flavor to your event. By choosing Goose Box, you guarantee a catering experience that elevates your small party to an unforgettable gathering. Lastly, matching your menu to the party style and size is crucial for creating the perfect atmosphere.

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